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Asset Evaluation

Our Asset Evaluations provide real estate owners with credible, accurate pricing information for their properties under current market conditions. Owners use this information to determine what strategy—be it repositioning, re-financing, selling or simply holding the asset—best suits their short, medium or long term objectives.

Combining the latest CRM technology with the specialized knowledge of our research, analytical, graphics and investment sales teams, our Asset Evaluations employ a full range of our company’s capabilities. Whether completed for an individual property, or for a portfolio of assets varying in size and complexity, each Asset Evaluation includes:

  • A property overview
  • Customized financial/pricing models
  • Recent comparable sales data, according to product type and location
  • Market fundamentals data (i.e., residential or retail rental rates, recent condominium prices, etc.)
  • Zoning information
  • Neighborhood overview and highlights
  • Demographic statistics

Our evaluations draw on the latest market data, a deep understanding of recent comparable sales and the keen, real-time insights of our investment sales professionals. The ultimate goal is to help clients maximize their asset’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses, while identifying both the opportunities to add value and the risks that must be contained.

Acting as their trusted resource, we help New York City’s largest and most sophisticated property owners stay ahead of changes in the market.