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Dusan Racic


212.544.9500 ext. 904

Dusan Racic is an Analyst in the Investment Research Division of Ariel Property Advisors. In this role, he is responsible for providing sales and research support for the company’s Investment Sales and Capital Services professionals. Mr. Racic has experience evaluating a variety of property types, including multifamily, development, commercial, and mixed-use assets.

In his previous role at the company, Mr. Racic managed one group within the research team, where he oversaw the identification, tracking and updating of the contact information for New York’s most active buyers and property owners. Mr. Racic obtained his LL.B. (Literally Legum Baccalaureus) from the Belgrade University Law School, where he studied business law.

During his leisure time, Mr. Racic enjoys reading about history. He is especially fond of studying the lives of the world’s most influential people, finding inspiration from their day-to-day struggles and challenges. He is a big soccer enthusiast, both watching and playing the sport. He also likes to donate his time to various charities, such as Aleksandar Sapic Foundation ''Budi human (Be Human)'' and ''Podrzi Zivot (Support Life).''

He currently resides in Belgrade and can be reached at 212.544.9500 ext. 904 or via email at